Last week I sent out my first ever art newsletter! I am very excited and a little bit nervous about this new commitment. It seems like a huge step in my work process because having to send monthly updates will really keep me accountable to a lot more people than just myself. Talk about a shot of motivation to get things done! Fill in the form below if you would like to subscribe and be part of the journey!

If you are an artist wondering what this whole newsletter thing is about and whether/why you should start one, here is a great article explaining a lot of things.

PS: pictured above is the US Courthouse in New York. After visiting NYC for the first time I can see why so many artists and photographers have been inspired by the city throughout history. The light quality there is amazing and very unique. The contrasts and angles created by the architecture are almost magnetic – begging to be retraced by your camera, your pencil or your paintbrush… Artists who have been to NY – I know you know what I’m talking about.