When I first tuned into CreativeLIVE on May 1st to watch April Bowles-Olin’s workshop on blogging I thought it would be just that: a workshop about writing a blog. I thought I could watch a bit of it and go on with my work. How wrong I was! Before I knew it I spent the next three days completely glued to my computer, unable to stop taking notes. In case you are not familiar with CreativeLIVE it’s like a healthy enlightening replacement for bingeing on TV shows and movies. (Like eating celery sticks instead of chips for a snack.) And for me it has been the source of some major life-altering information over the past few months. April’s course was no exception. It turned out to be so much more than just a blogging workshop! It’s a content rich mega-course about running a creative business. I learned so much and was motivated to take immediate action. Starting with re-designing my entire website! Yes, just that tiny little adjustment! So welcome to my freshly refurbished site! Make yourself at home and please don’t mind the smell of fresh paint and some building materials still lying around… It’s all gradually coming together! Apart from the “tiny” project of making a new website here are some other cool changes I am implementing inspired by April and CreativeLIVE:

It’s not a business if there is no income

First and foremost I have recognized that if I want to start a business I better not postpone the actual selling of my work. So the online portfolio has transformed into a gallery shop that will be offering visitors the possibility to collect art ranging from original pieces to postcards. This is an exciting and a little scary (but mainly exciting) major change.

What you say & how you say it

April talked a lot about distinguishing our unique voice: why it is important to stay true to who we are and to use the mediums that are most suitable to communicate our message. It suddenly dawned on me that in my attempts to “do things properly” I had neglected my voice, my stories and my sense of humor  – deeming them “unprofessional”. This is a mistake I am actively rectifying. I also realized with a sense of mild dread that I might need to start making videos… As my work is all about travel and unusual places then video would really be the best medium to talk about it. I love video blogs and I love video making (heck, I’ve done about 4 years worth of film-making classes, it would be a shame to waste it, really!). The only thing that has been holding me back is my blasted camera-shy introverted self! But I shall beat that fear of looking into the camera because I know that you are going to love videos from Fiji!

Commitment is easy when you do what you love [Tweet This]

Listening to April’s wise words about what different social media platforms have to offer to creatives I finally realized: I need to be on Instagram! I don’t know why it took me so long to get into it, but I absolutely love it now. I am usually really bad at keeping a regular schedule with anything (like writing blog posts for example!) And spending time on social media sites often feels like a chore. Going on Instagram feels like taking a pleasant visual break from everything else. Plus it offers an outlet for all those photos I love taking with my phone when on the road. It’s a pretty perfect match. I will be posting regularly during my trip (internet situation permitting) so you know where to look for a daily dose of wanderlust.   This post is part of the “What #BelleLive Taught Me” blog tour inspired by April Bowles-Olin. To continue your journey please visit: How Entering a Contest Literally Changed My Life by Red Scorpio Handmade. And in case you did not hop over from Sage Grayson’s blog post about Keepin’ It Real in Business and Life then I strongly suggest you read that as well, it’s full of great advice. They were both part of the front row audience during the live course and it is a great honor to introduce their posts for this blog tour! For the full list of participants please visit Jo Cavagnis.

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