Wow! What an unbelievable week! A lot of paradigm shifts and epiphanies, and working through questions that are vital to my creative work that I had previously neglected. Discovering Ann Rea‘s course on Creative Live really helped me re-focus and pinpoint some crucial elements that I’ve been missing. I really warmly recommend having a look at what online courses Creative Live has to offer, I bet every one of my readers can find something of value there!


I recently read an inspiring post by the artist Kerli¬†about how people wish to be missed and remembered after they are gone. I’m sure many people have fantasized about having their work carved into history.¬†And most of them genuinely want to contribute something to the world; an idea that can carry on shaping the future beyond their lifetime. But doesn’t that thought come with a heavy burden? Think about it, how does it make you feel? I would say small, scared and incompetent for one…

Well Kerli’s advice is to shed all the ego and fear: “Live as if you will be forgotten!” Now that’s an empowering proposition. And how liberating! Doesn’t it feel like your boundaries have just expanded; like you can do anything? And not because “no-one will care anyway” but because there are no more impossible expectations to thwart you and stop you from doing whatever you want. I think this is is a lot more healthy and fertile position to come from because it creates action from a selfless place. This is the space where true value emerges. I will definitely keep reminding myself of that one from now on!


And since I seem to be inadvertently steering toward a steep learning curve lately I somehow got myself into a Stanford University online course titled Creativity: Music to My Ears. It is designed to build creative problem-solving skills with the help of music and Kerli will actually be one of the participating artists! The course starts on April 2nd so you still have time to sign up, I have no idea what it’s going to be like but let’s do it together!!




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