On my way to Australia I stopped in Kuala Lumpur for a few days and stayed at a true CouchSurfing House with very generous hosts who had travelers passing through all the time. On my last night we went out for some street food and met this French girl who was traveling on her own. It turned out she was an artist as well and decided to travel around South-East Asia on her own to challenge herself and get out of a creative slump. We discovered we both had a similar problem: the fear of color. We were both afraid to add color to our artwork because it was difficult to decide which tones to pick and when to stop. So inspired by this accidental encounter I made this drawing of her and tried to use more color than I ever did before, which in a way is rather suitable to convey the colorful urban architecture of Kuala Lumpur. Do you have any phobias you have had to confront in the course of your work?


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