Anastasia Parmson is an Estonian artist with Siberian roots and a French education, currently living and working in New Zealand.

Anastasia Parmson is an award winning visual artist born in Estonia. After receiving her MFA at Strasbourg University in 2009 she decided to travel around the world. Since then she has spent time on sea, on land and in-between. 

Her work has been strongly influenced by childhood obsessions of Dysney comics and coloring books. Traveling a lot and living in several countries around the world has meant that she is constantly looking for belonging while inevitably remaining an outsider. Drawing is her way of creating pockets of familiarity and intimacy in a world of strange and unknown, like tracing her place in the world.

Parmson’s art has been exhibited in numerous places around the world, including Estonia, France and Australia.

2020 Creative Heads, Reyburn House Gallery, Whangarei
2020 My Black And White World, Megan Dickinson Gallery, Whangarei
2019 Whangarei Heads Arts Trail
2018 Contemporart Art Awards 2018 Finalist Exhibition
2017 Out Of Line, MAY SPACE, Sydney
2017 Public art installation, Kilometre of Sculpture x Tallinn Art Week, Tallinn
2017 Artist Looking For A Friend, 107 Projects, Sydney
2016 Spectrum Miami via Artbox.Project, Miami, FL Since
2015: Represented by Platform 72 Gallery, Sydney
2014 Kilometre of Sculpture, public art exhibition, Rakvere
2013 Luminous Utopias, Helios, Tallinn Light Biennale
2013 A Photo From Oz, Anton, Bucharest 2013 Anastasia Parmson, Rundum Artist-Run Space, Tallinn
2013 The Sketchbook Project Australia, VCA – University of Melbourne, Melbourne
2011 The Sketchbook Project Exhibition tour across USA, permanent collection of Brooklyn Art Library
2010 Alley Way Show – Collective exhibition with local artists 50A Melville St, Hobart, Tasmania
2009 MA Final Works Exhibition – Apollonia, Strasbourg (Curated by Germain Roesz and Jean-François Robic)
2009 La poste restante – Site specific project realized with children of the local community – Lupovino association, Strasbourg
2008 Rhenalia Festival, Strasbourg
2008 Now You See Me, Now You Don’t Exhibition-event with Diane Albisser-Rostalski, Diego Militello, Mathilde Benignus – Apollonia, Strasbourg (curated by myself)
2007 Les Licences taillent la Zone Group exhibition – Pignon Nord gallery, Zone d’Art, Strasbourg
2004 13th Tallin Print Triennal “inExile” – Estonian National Library
2004 8th Creativity Contest of Vanalinna Hariduskolleegium – Gallery of SEB Bank, Tallinn
2003 6th European Regional Congress – international artistic training congress InSea / OnSea “Found in the Back Yard” – Estonian National Library, Tallinn

2020 NZ Herald: Lockdown creativity and black and white world
2020 The Big Idea: Far Out World In Far North
2019 Create! Magazine blog: Creating Environments Through Drawing With Anastasia Parmson
2018 Create! Magazine issue 12 | Art Miami 2018 edition
2018 Contemporary Art Awards 2018 Finalist Exhibition Catalogue
2015 Interiors Addict: Artist’s unique work: inspired by travel and starting as photography
2014 Embody Your Muse: Creative Spotlight – Anastasia Parmson
2014 Artishok: Kilometre of Sculpture, opening day
2010 EatSleepDraw Magazine #004
2009 Laniol (toujours IN) – artist book, unique copy
2007 La Critique à l’œuvre – Cahiers/Chroniques nº 17 – UFR Arts, Marc Bloch University
2007 Couic – poetry booklet – UFR Arts Marc Bloch University

2009 Out of the Crowd Festival – Kulturfabrik, Luxembourg
2007 Floating Poetry “Travail” – Riverboat on an industrial route around Strasbourg
2007 Airs de Jeux – Municipal School of Dance, Strasbourg
2007 Proèmes/actions – BMS Multimedia Library of Neudorf, Strasbourg
2007 Conference cycle on Guy Debord and the “Society of the Spectacle” – Auditorium of MAMCS (Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Strasbourg)
2007 Action-Poetry With L’épongistes and Serge Pey – Palais Universitaire, Strasbourg
2005 10th Mystère de Noël: “Jardin des origines” Musical show – Cathedral of Strasbourg
2005 Fire and juggling show – Music festival, Reichshoffen

2014 Course Creativity: Music to My Ears – Stanford University through NovoEd
2009 Master’s Degree in Visual Arts – University of Strasbourg
Thesis: In-Between As a State of Imbalance in Perpetual Renewal (L’entre-deux comme état de déséquilibre en devenir perpétuel)
2007 Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts – University Marc Bloch, Strasbourg
2001 – 2004 Fine Arts School – Vanalinna Hariduskolleegium, Tallinn

2021 Create NSW Arts & Cultural Funding Program Grant
2008 Rhenalia Festival: Second prize for installation “Die Poesie der Nachbarn se lit entre les lignes”
2007 Tohu Bohu short film festival: First regional award for animation “Bienvenu à bord / I Like You Deep Inside”
2006 Estonian National Culture Fund Scholarship for studies abroad
2004 8th Creativity Contest of Vanalinna Hariduskolleegium: First prize for collage-painting “Kultuur” with Maiu Niineste

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