I have been working really hard to tick off all the things on my ever-expanding to-do list so that I can finally sit down and draw. Yes, I have realized that because I see drawing as pleasure and not work – in fact it is one of my favorite activities of all – I tend to constantly put it off. It feels like I have to do all the boring tedious tasks, get all the unpleasant responsibilities out of the way before I can relax and get into ‘drawing mode’.

Today I finally managed to get into that space: I flicked off the looming tasks, put on some energizing music and drew. It was like a breath of fresh air. Even though I am not entirely sure whether I am happy with the result or whether I am going in the right direction it felt so good.

After this I concluded that I absolutely must take the responsibility to draw a lot and regularly because it makes me a better person. I become more relaxed, more fulfilled and happier. Which means I am a lot nicer to other people. So it is imperative that in order to be a good person I must take it upon myself to draw as much as possible. I think this is a great resolution!





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