Here are some photos from my recent solo exhibition in Rundum, Tallinn. It opened on November 14th 2013. That same night we also held an Artist Talk where a representative from the local animal rights group (Loomade Nimel) Kristina interviewed me about the connections between my art and activism.

This was my first time exhibiting the newest body of work I call “Ship Life”, which is a series of drawings of my time as a volunteer onboard the marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd ships. My drawings are always based on photographs and I must admit back then I wasn’t a confident enough photographer to whip out my little camera in the harsh Southern Ocean environment, so all of these drawings are based on photos taken by other people. First and foremost I am honored to credit my friend and shero Jo-Anne McArthur – the woman behind We Animals and the protagonist in the amazing new documentary The Ghosts In Our Machine. Most of the photos I used for these drawings (including the majestic Bob Barker on the wall) were taken by Jo-Anne. Other photographers I would like to credit are Barbara Veiga, Anna WlochIt’s A Wildlife and Glenn Lockitch. These drawings wouldn’t exist without you guys!

3 light boxes installation detail

This was also the first public display of my light boxes. I told all exhibition guests who would hear me out about how great LED lights are and how we can change the world for the better if we all ditch the incandescent and halogen bulbs for LEDs. In fact, all the lighting used at the exhibition was specially designed, mainly made of just LED strips and aluminium profiles.

Rundum exhibition, detailed view, Tallinn, näitus, Anastasia Parmson

Special cool white LED lighting to set the tone

I must also say a big thank-you to the Rundum team, they were great and helped me a lot with many little last-minute errands. They were also the perfect little fairies at the opening night – making sure that everything is in order and guests are happy.

rundum expo large boxes-2

It is imperative that I give a big wave and virtual hugs to all my fellow crew members: you probably don’t know this yet but your beautiful faces are now permanently lit up and seen by as many people as I can muster. This particular series of work features pictures of: Arne, Bevan, Cam, Chris, Christine, Dave, Mal and Paul!

boxes in dark exhibition Anastasia Parmson Rundum Tallinn

In dim light the light box drawings look as if they are floating in the air

Last but not least I must say thanks to my wonderful assistant / technical advisor / installation director Philip who took such great care of this project as if it was his own.

As soon as the exhibition finished I had to rush the light boxes to the next event. But more about that in a next post…




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