Untitled (Yasawa Girl), 2014

Limited edition wall art

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Untitled (Yasawa Girl) by Anastasia Parmson
  This drawing is part of a body of work titled Glimpses of Fiji. In 2014 I spent five months traveling around the Fijian islands, meeting local people and discovering remote locations, in order to collect material for these drawings.

Most of the works in the series are portraits of local children from small villages all over the islands. It wasn’t an intentional choice but in hindsight I think it’s a great way to tell a story about Fiji and the South Pacific region. The earnest expression in a child’s eyes is so disarming, it strips us of any prejudice and political bias, leaving only empathy and a feeling of true human connection. I met this fascinating little girl at a remote little village in Yasawa Island. She had wild hair – long, unlike the other girls. And unlike the other children she didn’t care much for white foreigners with cameras. She preferred to keep her distance and play alone on the beach. I was incredibly lucky to get a National Geographic worthy shot of her (or so I like to think!), which I used for this black and white drawing. This wild haired girl and her intense stare also make an appearance in one other drawing in the series.
The image is printed on acid free paper using archival quality pigment inks and then mounted onto a 6mm sheet of acrylic. This results in sharp, brilliant colors, and an ultra-contemporary frameless finish that will be the focal point of any room. The process of bonding the image to acrylic ‘glass’ (Plexiglass) protects the print from dust, scratching and fading. The hanging system on the back acts as a spacer to provide the illusion of ‘floating’ once the artwork is mounted.

30 x 30 “


Edition of  7


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